Books from our Artists

Roland Kulla: Railroad Bridge Paintings is newly revised with additional information and images. This 12” x 12” hard-cover book features striking, full color images of his paintings of railroad bridges. Two prefaces from Chicago-area professionals and an artist’s statement lend further insight into the work. The book may be purchased by clicking here.

Carl Wilen’s new 12” x 12” hardcover book “An Artist’s Perception” featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, and hand-painted, drawn and cut out paper dioramas, is available for purchase by clicking here.

Landscapes + Portraits is a personal journey of photographic rediscovery by John Vlahakis. Contact the gallery for signed copies of a soft cover edition.

America the Beautiful: The Monumental Landscape by Clyde Butcher
The artist says of this collection of photographs from across the country, “The images found in this book reflect my respect and appreciation of those heroes of the past who were willing to stand up and proclaim the need to save our environment so that today we can see portions of our country as pristine, unchanged and unspoiled as it was long ago.” This is a 120 page hardcover book.


In the 1970’s photographer Bob Rehak set himself an assignment. He ventured into Chicago's Uptown to photograph and interview the people of this struggling area. Decades later he realized he had a book in the making. With Uptown: Portrait of a Chicago Neighborhood in the Mid-1970's Bob Rehak captures life from a moment in time.