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  • Michael Cutlip | ZIA Gallery
    Michael Cutlip

    “I draw inspiration from most that is naïve. Children are, hands down, the best artists. Their freedom and uninhibited nature taps into that certain energy which mature artists seek their entire lives.

    Urban nature, street art, things old, vintage, warn-out, discarded, natural beauty in its abstract form and simply the moment, the moment of creation – where one move inspires the next. One has to only open his eyes…beauty is everywhere.
    The process is essential. I work in the moment. In my experience, a planned painting is a failed painting. The painting must be free to wander. The best works are those that seem to simply happen."

    Michael Cutlip introduces a new direction of vibrantly expressive, non-objective collage and mixed media panel paintings. Gone are the overtly whimsical images. Present is the out-pouring of the creative impulse and a masterly use of collage.

    Kenneth Baker, Art Critic of The San Francisco Chronicle, says about Michael Cutlip’s new works in collage and painting, “Stuff piles up in everyone’s life and memory, but few, even among collage makers, can reorder it as artfully as Berkeleyan Michael Cutlip.”

    Cutlip exhibits widely in Canada and the United States. His work is included in the permanent collections of the Triton Museum of Art, the David & Lucie Packard Foundation, Bloomingdales, and Sutter Health among others.


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