May 26 – July 14

is a revolving exhibition of art forms and media representing some of the exciting variety of expressions offered by artists today. This is a time when visual arts stretch in every direction and no singular style or “ism” dominates. Seek out that which inspires, resonates, or challenges.

5th Annual Photography Now
July 21 – September 1

Exploring themes in contemporary photography today through the personal eye of the artist. Using an unusual range of photographic techniques and influences, photographers engage the viewer once again in interpreting ideas of what constitutes “reality.” Gallery artists will join newly invited photographers in exhibiting their latest points of view.

Solo Exhibitions:
Brian McDonald and Fumiko Toda
September 8 – October 6

Brian McDonald builds a complex surface of words and collaged imagery on which he adds drawing and paint to arrive at works provoking layered and amusing interpretations.
Fumiko Toda combines her etching and painting skills along with other fearless uses of materials to share her love of nature and joyful, free-spirited curiosity.

Solo Exhibitions:
Lisa Frank and Beverly Zawitkoski
October 13 – November 10

Lisa Frank’s early adoption of digital photography makes her a forerunner in its widening creative use, through which she continues her experimentation down various avenues.  Her complex process nevertheless takes her to a place filled with poetry and romanticism. At core, her expression is rooted in a deep affinity with nature.
As an artist, Beverly Zawitkoski journeys towards an emotional engagement where seemingly effortless layering of paint and mark making are transformed into humanistic longing, embracing nature itself.

Annual End of Year Gallery and Invited Artists Exhibition
November 17 – January 12, 2019

ZIA Gallery always ends the year with a bang, punctuated by pops of ever-changing visual surprises contributed by represented gallery and invited artists. What will this year’s exhibition hold? Anticipation rises.