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    Kimberly Schneider

    Kimberly Schneider lives and breathes photography. Born in Chicago and now based in New York City, she is working towards her dream of being bi-coastal. Kimberly has exhibited at The Camera Obscura Gallery, Viewpoint Gallery, San Diego Art Institute, "Museum of the Living Artist," Scott Nichols Gallery, Art Intersection, and Gallery Revival, among other places. 

    “I am drawn to desolate land and seascapes. For me, making images is a meditation of sorts: a search for truth. While I am intrigued by the formal qualities of the areas I photograph, there’s something about shooting in the land, and by the sea, that releases my innermost thoughts and transfers them to my photographs. 

    My process is a huge part of who I am as a photographer. I make all of my images on black and white film, primarily infrared. I appreciate the way that infrared film seems to turn the world inside out, as well as expose what the naked eye cannot see. Further, the darkroom is where I learn about the subconscious level of my images.”

    Kimberly’s work was awarded Honorable Mention via The Moscow International Foto Awards in 2014; she received an Award of Merit from the International Fine Art Photography Competition in 2012.


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